First Time Parents Guide: Eco-friendly Super Soft Clothing

First Time Parents Guide: Eco-friendly Super Soft Clothing

As a parent, you know how attuned your little one is to his or her environment. In this early stage of life, your tiny human is always picking up cues about what’s dangerous, what’s safe, what’s important, what’s not, what strengthens your relationship, and how to best behave in the world.

You know you can trust your intuition - as long as you’re guided by your deepest values and principles, you’re more than qualified to give your child the strong moral foundation he or she needs to truly succeed in this life.

That’s why you’re willing to go out of your way to create the right environment for your baby, one that underscores your values of compassion, sustainability, and the possibility of a better future world for everyone. Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to give your child the eco-friendly, super-soft clothing that will provide comfort and pleasure through the most crucial stages of the development process.

Baby Clothes: Choosing Quality

In the past, it wasn’t always so easy. Eco-friendly baby clothes were often prohibitively expensive. In some cases, they were uncomfortable, or poorly designed, or produced high levels of environmental contaminants.

When she was a first-time mother herself, Cherry Saraswati struggled to balance her environmentalist commitments with the ever-shifting challenges of parenthood. It was hard to find high-quality, all-natural, eco-friendly clothing at a realistic price. But it was essential that her child be exposed to the sorts of values that would make her a more responsible adult, as well as contributing to a better, more environmentally responsible future for all. 

It was for these reasons that Cherry founded Ruby & Poe.

Eco-friendly super soft clothing for your baby

You don’t want to buy into disposable “fast fashion.” But it’s hard to find ecologically responsible clothing that’s built to last and get it at a fair price, with no contaminants and no comprises.

With Ruby & Poe, you don’t have to spend the bank, or compromise quality, to get all-natural, high-quality, delightfully soft clothing for your baby’s early years. Not to mention, clothing that is plant based, sensitive to your baby’s skin and unfavorable for bacterial growth.

You transmit your values to your child in ways large and small, conscious and unconscious, every day. As a loving parent, you can trust yourself to do the right thing, as long as you’re living by the principles that matter most to you, and to the world. That includes making sure your child is comfortable and, of course, happy.

With eco-friendly, super soft clothing from Ruby & Poe, you don’t have to worry about what your little one is wearing, and you can free up your energy for the rewarding and all-important work of being a responsible, compassionate new parent.

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