How Can Your Household Be Eco-Friendly?

How Can Your Household Be Eco-Friendly?

“How would you live your life if the future of the planet depended on your behavior? Good news! It does.” - Daniel Thorson

This is a critical time in history. The depletion of natural resources, the threat of ecosystem collapse, and of course the consequences of human-caused climate change have put our earth and our species in a position from which we must act.

As a new parent, you doubtless feel this urgency all too vividly. As your baby grows up, he or she will inherit the world we’ve created, and will take on the massive responsibility of cleaning up our mess and putting Spaceship Earth back on the right course. By building an eco-friendly home for your family, you will instill in your child the critical values he or she will need to become a responsible member and leader of the community. 

Here are a few simple things you can do to establish a home environment that communicates the values of sustainability, compassion, and ecological stewardship.

Ways your household can help protect the environment

- Conserve water. The days of guilt-free hour-long showers may be behind us. In the near future, much of the world may be ravaged by drought, much of its water will not be drinkable, and water itself may become a valuable commodity, much as oil is now, with all the dangers that entails. Therefore, one essential element of running an eco-friendly household is to use your water wisely.

- Save electricity. Overconsumption of electricity causes pollution. Pay attention to how much power you’re using, squeeze the most you can from every watt, and teach your kids to do likewise.

- Cut down on consumption. Live by the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Buy higher-quality goods that are built to last, and you’ll be able to do so less frequently. Declutter and simplify your life, and you’ll make more room for the things that matter, such as spending time bonding with your family.

- Don’t use toxic chemicals. You don’t need to use dangerous substances to have a healthy home. Make the extra effort to invest in eco-friendly cleaning products.

- Participate in your community. Being independent doesn’t mean being alone. We are weak when we’re isolated, but when we get together, we’re unstoppable. When you further your education, participate in volunteer projects, publicly support the values and causes that matter to you, and go out of your way to connect with others who need it, you set a sterling example for your young one.

- Participate in Shopping Responsibly. Probably one of the most engaging elements of protecting Mother Earth is something we do on a regular basis - Shop Responsible. Here are our top 5 recommendations: 1) Buy Ethically, 2) Support Fair Trade, 3) Go Organic or Eco-Friendly, 4) Buy local or direct, an 5) Keep traditions alive.

- Use eco-friendly, super-soft baby clothing. The garments your little one wears will provide a sense of comfort, safety, and identity. And by making responsible consumer choices, you’ll be setting a strong example that will last a lifetime. This is where Ruby & Poe comes into the picture - this is how we live our lives every single day. 

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