Raising Eco-Conscious Children

Raising Eco-Conscious Children

Many of us parents are doing our best to enrich our children with skills that will benefit them when they become adults. The lessons that we are giving them today will affect their future. From day-to-day life decisions to forming habits. Teaching them how to implement a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle will teach them how to love and care for the environment they live in as well as teaching them how to take responsibility for their actions and maintain a healthier planet.

Getting your children to be eco-conscious may sound complex. This is the type of skills that they may not get at school so it will require some efforts from us as parents to provide them the necessary learning tools. This does not have to be complicated and expensive. We have found the most efficient and easy ways to teach environmental consciousness to our children is spend time outside. 

Recent studies have exposed the benefits and necessity of spending time outdoors to both kids and adults. The way that children play in nature has a lot less structure than most types of indoor play. The infinite ways to interact with nature will let children choose how to treat nature this means that each child is given the power to control his or her actions. This unstructured style of play undoubtedly allows the children to interact meaningfully to their own activities thus it promotes creativity and imagination as well as teaching them responsibility. Additionally, nature provides different stimulation to indoor play, this will get the children move and think more. Outdoor plays also proven to reduce stress and fatigue in both children and parents.

 Here are some ideas on outdoor activities that will benefit both parents and children :

  1. Gardening
  2. Recycling
  3. Running, hiking and walking
  4. loving animals
  5. DIY nature - based sensory play. 


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