First Time Parents Guide - Getting Your Baby to Sit Up & Crawl

First Time Parents Guide - Getting Your Baby to Sit Up & Crawl

Seeing your new baby develop motor skills is one of the most exciting things about being a first-time parent. Before you know it, your baby will gain the capacity to sit up on his or her own, to crawl across the floor, and to begin to develop the mental and muscular strength to move through the world in pursuit of independence and happiness as an adult.

Your baby may start sitting as early as four months or as late as nine months. Notice your baby’s movement, as this will indicate that he or she is developing the required muscles for this.

There are a few steps you can take to help your baby along in the process of learning to sit up and crawl. Don’t worry too much if your baby isn’t right on the schedule predicted - simply provide comfort and support, and enjoy being a part of your baby’s natural development process.

Give your baby plenty of “tummy time”

Time spent with your baby while he or she lies belly-down and moves around will help your little one’s muscles develop - and it’s a lot of fun! A baby’s strength usually emerges from the top down, so you’ll likely notice your baby gaining strength first in the neck, then in the upper and lower back, and so on. Tummy time may be challenging at first, so be sure to create an inspiring environment with a soft surface, a few cool toys, and provide slow, gradual encouragement.

Keeping your baby’s head up

When your baby can hold up his or her head unaided - look for it around the four-month mark - you can try placing the little one into a supportive chair, so your baby gets accustomed to a sitting position. Within a few more months, your baby may be able to sit up unaided for a few seconds or more. This will help him or her develop better balance, a key part of this process.

Notice when it’s “tripod time”

At some point, your baby will sit up in a more sophisticated way, using an arm for balance. This is an important transitional phase on the way to crawling, so make sure your baby has soft surfaces to practice on, as well as plenty of support - physical and emotional - from you. Check out some of the all-natural products that can help.

At around six months, your baby will have discovered his or her new strength. This may involve grabbing everything in sight! Make sure your baby spends this important time in a soft, safe, and comfortable environment and can’t get out of the crib unassisted.

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