First Time Parents Guide: Top Tips for Baby Car Safety

First Time Parents Guide: Top Tips for Baby Car Safety

At some point, you’ll almost certainly need to take your baby for a ride in the car. Depending on your little one’s temperament, a car ride can be mildly unpleasant, or it can be a lot of fun. 

We recommend short car rides as a way to help your baby get stimulated and get comfortable moving around in the larger world. Of course, it’s essential to take necessary precautions to make sure your baby is safe in your car. 

Fortunately, it’s not too hard to make a quick car trip a safe experience for your baby, and therefore less stressful for you as a new parent. Just follow these tips and you should be fine.

Our Top Tips for Baby Car Safety

  • Make sure your baby’s car seat comes with an owner’s manual, and read it carefully. Car seat instructions can be pretty specific, and because your baby’s body is changing so quickly, it’s important to understand them. This is one time you don’t want to toss out the instructions!
  • Put your baby in the back seat, away from the airbags. Everything in life depends on context. While airbags can save the lives of you and your passengers, they’re very dangerous for your baby. If you must place your baby in the front of your car, make sure to turn off your airbags, as they can cause serious injury to your baby.
  • Make sure your baby’s car seat is secured. Carefully follow the instructions. Fit the harness straps over your little one’s shoulders. Buckle the snaps and clip and make sure they fit closely, with no slack. You can use blankets for extra padding, if you like.
  • Place your baby in a reclined position. For safety, your child should sit at an angle. Have a look at the car seat instructions to determine the correct angle for your child’s particular age and weight.
  • Place blankets over, not under, the straps. Heavy or loose baby clothes can lessen the protection the car seat provides. If you think your baby may get cold, put a blanket on top of the straps.
  • Your baby should sit facing backward until he or she is absolutely ready to face forward. You may want to see your child’s eyes in your rearview mirror, but for safety reasons, it’s better if your baby sits in a rear-facing position until he or she is big and heavy enough to face forward safely. You can add a reflective mirror to still see your baby’s face when looking in your rearview mirror.
  • Wait until the right time to move your baby to a booster seat. Likewise, your baby should remain in the right-sized car seat until he or she is well within the minimum height and weight requirements for a booster seat. You may be excited for your baby’s rapid growth, but it’s safer not to rush it; just enjoy the process.

If you carefully follow these instructions and practice patience with your baby’s development process, your baby should be able to ride safely in your car. When you know your baby is secure, you can relax and enjoy the ride - at least until it’s time for driving lessons!

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