Protecting your Newborn’s Skin from Allergy, Eczema, and Rash

Protecting your Newborn’s Skin from Allergy, Eczema, and Rash

Protecting your newborn’s skin is so important because a happy baby means a happy you! No one wants their little suffering with irritating skin, itching, and rashly skin. As a new Mom, I wanted to ensure my baby girl felt great in her clothes. As I started researching brands and visiting local retail shops, I realized that there were not many options for eco-friendly yet super soft clothes that aided my baby’s skin in staying clean and clear.

There are a few simple facts to follow in protecting your baby’s skin - Here’s our top to do list and Why’s!

  1. Keep baby’s skin clean and dry
  2. Use sensitive non-irritant soap for bath time and keep it short
  3. Don’t use and/or limit uses of scented skin products
  4. Make sure baby uses soft and breathable clothing
  5. Do not use super tight or turtle necks that trap heat
  6. Use specialized for baby and/or hypoallergenic laundry soap and ensure it is thoroughly rinsed
  7. Wear antimicrobial and hypoallergenic plant-based clothing

If your baby already has a rash - it may be itchy, hives, and filled red and dry patches. Eczema is very common and is caused by allergies. Most rashes are harmless but if it is not treated can get much worse and may indicate a more serious condition needing medical treatment. But most rashes begin with your baby’s skin being moist and allowing bacteria to grow or chemical contact (scents / fragrances).

Ruby & Poe delivers a product that was produced with your baby’s health and skin at the forefront of its design. Our eucalyptus-based fabric is natural and antimicrobial. It is luxuriously soft and your baby will love wearing Tencel™ clothing. Through its moisture management features, this allows air movement over your baby’s skin which is critical to help evaporate toxins and other allergens that can trigger outbreaks. Furthermore, we do not use chemical dyes, instead we use natural dyes. Natural dyes are not only safe for the environment but also have antimicrobial properties making it not irritate the skin.

By making eucalyptus based and comfortable clothing we have allowed for heat to escape and not be trapped so your baby is not too hot which triggers a flare up. If you are worried about your baby being cold, layer clothing if necessary.

I’m so proud to offer my products to you - from one mom to another, from one parent to another, and from one who protects the earth to others who care to protect our environment for tomorrow.

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