First Time Parents Guide: Baby's First Four Months Milestones

First Time Parents Guide: Baby's First Four Months Milestones

As a new parent, the first four months of your baby’s life will be a magical whirlwind. A lot of things will happen in a very short amount of time. You may feel tired and overwhelmed, but there’s a lot for you and your child to look forward to!

Every person’s development happens on its own timetable, and your child is no exception. If you aren’t seeing particular milestones on the precise schedule you anticipated, or if your baby hits certain milestones in an unusual order, there is usually nothing to fear. So keep in mind that you don’t need to have any particular expectations for this process, and if you’re worried about anything related to your baby’s development, you can always consult a doctor, another medical professional, or your own community of new parents.

That being said, here are a few common milestones that will bring you joy and delight during the first four months of your baby’s life.

Your baby’s first month milestones

Through most of your first month together, your child will likely devote his or her time and energy to feeding, crying, and napping. Practice patience as you attend to your baby’s needs, and if he or she cries more than usual, find out what’s wrong - it usually just requires a small adjustment of some sort. By the end of the first month, your baby may be babbling, which you can encourage by talking or singing in return.

Your baby’s second month milestones

By the end of the eighth week, your baby will have likely learned to smile. Enjoy these moments of magical connection with your baby. They’re indicative of growing sophistication, strength, and curiosity, which may also include chewing his or her fingers and showing the first signs of distinctive personality traits. Smiling at your baby - along with singing, making happy noises, and lots of physical contact - will continue to help in development, letting your little one know the world is a safe place.

Your baby’s third month milestones

By the end of month number three, you will likely notice that your baby has grown significantly stronger and larger. His or her personality will be shining through, and if there’s unusual fussiness, it merits investigation. In particular, make sure your baby isn’t feeding too much. If there’s a lot of weight gain during this time, you can slow down the feedings, being mindful of when your little one has had his or her fill, which may decrease future risk of obesity and other diet-related woes.

Your baby’s fourth month milestones

By now, your baby will be laughing and moving around even more, becoming more curious, exploratory, and playful. Many parents regard this as one of the most interesting and happy times of babyhood, and you’ll discover why. Your baby’s personality and unique charms will be revealing themselves, and his or her sounds will begin to sound more and more like regular speech. You may even make out a “mama” or “dada” in there!

No matter what milestones your baby hits and when, you can always ask for support in your journey as a parent. When you rear your child in alignment with your values of sustainability and compassion, you will always find that the world will come to your aid when you need it. That’s why Ruby & Poe provides high-quality, all-natural, ethically sourced, vegan baby products for babies and new parents, no matter what schedules they’re on. Have a look around!

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