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Our Story

Ruby and Poe was founded by Cherry Saraswati, an eco-friendly mother, with a vision that eco-friendly clothing should be affordable for everyone. Thus, she founded Ruby and Poe, dedicated to open minded, forward thinking, and planetary conscious parents.

As an eco-friendly mother, Cherry soon realized that balancing this lifestyle for her and her child was not always cost-effective. For instance, baby products that are labeled as eco-friendly, organic, and comfortable were costly and the organic materials still produced high levels of environmental contaminants.

Cherry created Ruby and Poe, and her goal is to provide quality products that are eco-friendly, antimicrobial, cost-effective and super soft apparel that also contributes to preserving the future of our youngest generations.


We believe eco-friendly clothing should always be comfortable, affordable, and sustainable, without ever compromising its style or function. We use the most environmentally gentle formulas, making it a natural fit for both our planet, as well as your baby’s sensitive skin.

We are passionate about helping our youngest generation operate with vision and responsibility, as it is their right to inherit a secure and livable planet. And we are doing our part by providing clothing that is sourced, manufactured, and shipped in a way that contributes to preserving the future of the youngest generations.

By using the most environmentally sustainable materials and production methods, we take pride in creating comfortable and hypoallergenic apparel that we know you and your little one will love.

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