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Ruby & Poe is a super soft, non-toxic, vegan baby and mother apparel company ethically made in Bali, Indonesia. Ruby & Poe’s production process has been carefully overseen to deliver an absolute minimum of waste and wholly handmade product that comes directly from our fields and factory to your home.

Our process has been proven to be sustainable for human consumption and mother earth. All Ruby & Poe’s products are slow produced, made from 97% Tencel™ modal and lyocell, certified biobased fibers that originate from the renewable raw material wood, created by photosynthesis and 100% plant dyes derived from the locally sourced flora of Indonesia.


We love that you are interested in learning about how our products are made. We believe that sustainable living is not an option, but a necessity. We have taken every step of the production process into account and are proud to share with you how each of our items are made and ultimately delivered to your front door.


Ruby & Poe only uses the absolute most eco-friendly ingredients and methods of production. All our products are made from 97% Tencel ™ modal, manufactured from the renewable source of raw material beech wood and Tencel™ lyocell, eucalyptus-based fiber that has proven to be more environmentally sustainable. Tencel™ modal is very water wise because it uses up to 8 times less water than cotton and is completely biodegradable. The production of Tencel™ modal also uses a closed loop system that allows 99.5% of all waters to be reused for future products. To learn more about how Tencel™ is made, please watch this video. In addition, to see more about how it's biodegradable, please click here.


We have taken our time to secure only the best eco-friendly packaging products - they showcase being from recycled materials, are biodegradable and compostable, and can be reused - such as our shipping boxes, mailing and item bags, inserts, and paper products. We are particularly proud of our biodegradable and compostable Cassava plant based packaging bags for every product we ship. We also support other small businesses that aid us in our efforts in being as close to zero waste and carbon free with offsets when necessary.


All our products use natural dyes that are colorants derived from plants which are locally grown, here in Indonesia. Our plant dyes are biodegradable, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic which means they are much better for the environment and for humans to use as clothing. Many natural dyes also have antimicrobial properties making them especially safe for kids. Furthermore, the products we use in producing our natural dyes produce no waste, unlike the products used in the synthetic dyeing process. To learn more about our plant dyes and the process, please view our video .


Education is central to our mission. We are passionate about helping our youngest generation grow up in an unpolluted, free, and thriving environment. We also want them to inherit a continued responsibility to protect our planet for their futures. We believe in teaching that a positive global environment is everyone's job. A portion of the proceeds of each garment sold goes to furthering that cause by supporting a local eco focused non-profit teaching our youth.


We take pride in supporting the “slow fashion movement” by creating slow produced products that combine local artisans and the use of eco-friendly materials. We take the time to ensure our products are handmade and individually inspected. We do not believe in excessive production nor mindless consumption. Each and every piece of our garment is made with the highest standard of ethics that connects social, environmental awareness and responsibility of wearing super soft and long-lasting garments.


The water hyacinth plant is known as the world’s worst water weed and continues to be recognized as one of the world’s invasive species. The high productivity rate of water hyacinth has proven to be the primary reason it's very effective for use at industrial water waste treatment plants. The roots of water hyacinths naturally absorb pollutants including copper, lead, mercury, and other contaminated soil substances from the introduced wastewater. Our home-grown water hyacinth treatment plant has an important role in Ruby & Poe's wastewater purification process removing our natural dye content from the water used in our production process. This process allows us to sustainably reuse the purified water for subsequent dying processes.
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